Iron Content of Oyster

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This food contains 7.7 milligrams of iron per 100 grams. Grams is a measure of weight. To put 100 grams in perspective, consider alternative measures for this food:

  • 3 oz equals 85 grams.
  • 6 medium equals 59 grams.

In the category of fish and seafood, we included whole food products in the Top 10 list. Foods may be fortified with iron but are not included in this Top 10 list. The food tested for the particular graph below can be described more specifically as:

Mollusks, oyster, eastern, farmed, cooked, dry heat

Read more about iron in meat or visit our list of iron-rich foods.

Oysters A La King Au Gratin
Pick over and rinse well one pint of oysters. Steam or boil the oysters until the edges curl. Drain and reserve the oyster juices. Heat the oyster juice and strain. There should be one-half cup. Slice one-quarter pound of mushrooms and fry in one tablespoon of butter. Saute one sliced bell pepper. Wash celery, cut in strips lengthwise then crosswise in fine pieces, enough for 1/2 cup. Cook seven minutes or until tender in one-half cup water. Melt two tablespoons of butter. Add two tablespoons of flour and, when smooth, add the oyster liquid and one-quarter cup of cream. Add oysters, celery, pepper, mushrooms, and one-half teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce and salt and pepper to taste. Turn into a casserole dish and cover with one-half cup of cracker crumbs mixed with two tablespoons of melted butter. Bake until crumbs are brown.

Oyster Cocktail
This appetizer allows you to add oysters to any meal and, thereby, improve the iron content of the meal. Chill one-half pint of small oysters and add two tablespoons of chopped olives and put in small glasses. Mix together one-half tablespoon of horseradish, one-quarter teaspoon of Tabasco sauce, one-half tablespoon of vinegar, one-half tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, one tablespoon lemon juice, one-half tablespoon catsup, and one-quarter teaspoon of salt. Pour over oysters. Serve immediately.

Oyster, Potato, and Mushroom Salad
This simple salad will add a regular dose of iron to your diet. Dice one-half pound of potatoes. Cook in stock until soft. Drain and cool. Cut one-half pound of mushrooms in slices. Cook in two tablespoons of butter for five minutes. Drain and cool. Parboil one-half pint of small oysters until the edges curl. Drain and cool. Mix all together and pour over French dressing made with lemon juice. Serve on lettuce.

Oyster is a great iron rich food. Enjoy these recipes and the rest of the resources here at the iron rich food website.

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