Iron in Lamb

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Lamb contains 1.2 milligrams of iron per 100 grams. Grams is a measure of weight. To put 100 grams in perspective, consider alternative measures for this food:

  • 1 unit equals 286 grams.
  • 3 oz equals 85 grams.

In the category of meat, we included whole food products in the Top 10 list. Processed foods may be fortified with iron but are not included in this Top 10 list.The food tested for the particular graph below can be described more specifically as:

Lamb, domestic, composite of trimmed retail cuts, separable fat, trimmed to 1/4″

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Iron Rich Lamb

Lamb is a great source of iron. It is heme iron which is more easily absorbed (compared to plant-based sources of iron) and will more quickly improve your iron status. This red meat will also help you absorb iron from your plant based foods. If you have not prepared lamb before, it is quite simple. We provide a recipe for lamb chops in the video below.

American consumers are also looking these days for “grass fed meat,” meat from animals that have been grazing on pasture for the main part of their diet. What many consumers do not realize is that most sheep in the United States are grazed on grass year long and most lamb available commercially is essentially “grass fed” as a result. Grass fed lamb will be a bit higher in the beneficial fat Omega 3, but either way it will be a good source of iron. In the spring of the year, watch for sales in the supermarket. You may find exceptional deals on lamb.

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